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Experience the best Kep West has to offer - beautiful beaches, exciting attractions, and relaxing activities. Unwind and rejuvenate on your next vacation with us!


Get away from the hustle and bustle and relax at Kep West. Enjoy the best hospitality, delicious meals, and gorgeous sea views all in one place.

Luxury Meets Comfort

Enjoy the highest standards of hospitality and comfort at Kep West. Our luxurious amenities and excellent staff will ensure you feel like home.

Stay with us

When you stay with us at Kep West, you will experience luxury like nowhere else. Enjoy premium, world-class accommodations at Knai Bang Chatt and find out why Kep West is the perfect getaway.

Dine & Drink with us

Experience exquisite cuisine and the finest drinks at Kep West. Our extensive menus ensures the perfect evening for any occasion. Enjoy an unforgettable and unique culinary adventure.

Rejuvenate with us

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul by rewarding yourself with a spa day. Enjoy a professional masseuse and find inner peace with our professional self treatment services.

Celebrate with us

Make your big day unforgettable at a beautiful beach destination. We can help you plan the perfect wedding or event. Let us help you celebrate and create a memory that lasts.

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