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Learn Sailing 

Don't know what to do at Kep West? Enroll into our Sailing Activation course. Learn the basics of sailing, gain knowledge, and get certified by by our accredited and experienced instructor Roberto Deinla.

Get Certified in Two Days

Our "Activation" Sailing Courses is designed to make you become a sailor within two intensive days of knowledge learning, practical workshops, and hands-on experience out in the sea. You'll be learning with our certified RYA Dinghy Instructor who will ensure you're ready to sail by the end of the weekend! These two days of comprehensive sessions are designed for youths without or with experience in sailing optimists Dinghy.

Course Details For Kids

For The Experienced And Mature

For the more experienced, or simply for the more mature ones, we've got courses for you that is tailored to your age. Learn to sail with bigger, and more capable sailing boats like our hobie cats and laser. 

150 USD / per person for two days

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What are you waiting for? Enroll Now

"My kids have always wanted to learn sailing. I was so shocked at how much they learned in just two days, they were out there sailing by themselves! The instructors were so enthusiastic and the kids had such a great time." - A Father of Two

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