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About Us


Message from our Founder


I first visited Cambodia in 2003. The country, and Khmer culture, stole my heart. I traded a materialistic and self-centered corporate life for one focused on creation, community, and positive impact. Since 2003, I have been working passionately to create an oasis of calm and inspiration on this magical stretch of the Kep coastline.


At Kep West, we are always striving to do better. We constantly reinvent ourselves with a focus on purity, care, and respect for the people of Kep.


We offer our superior services by focusing on simplicity, understated elegance, and the inherent beauty of natural objects. We aim to inspire you with the history of our resort: both its timeless architecture, and its astonishing views of the ancient Gulf of Siam.


Compassion, appreciation and respect are our guides in creating the Kep West atmosphere. We want to offer you an experience you will never forget.



“Knai Bang Chatt is a dream hideaway, an oasis of peace. | Knai Bang Chatt est un refuge de rêve, une oasis de paix.”



Sustainability & Environmental Consciousness

Knai Bang Chatt has a profound ecological consciousness. We understand and embrace the concepts of sustainability, making impact, and being leaders in environmentalism. We recently obtained the Platinum Certification from the Green Growth 2050 standards.

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