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We Are Going BIG For New Years

A Truly 'End of The Year' Celebration. 

Join The Party!


A Big Celebration at The Coast of Cambodia

Celebrate New Years with a bang! At Kep West, we're going big for New Years with an entire program to keep you entertained all night long. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and create lasting memories with your loved ones and friends. Enjoy Live DJ Music and Band, and even win some prizes when entering in our lucky draw! 

End The Year with A Bang! 

What else is there? 


Fire Dance & Win Prizes!

Enjoy a fire dance show and join the lucky draw for a chance to win some amazing prizes like a FREE NIGHT at Knai Bang Chatt! 

Live DJ Music, Live Band, And Performance!

Keeping the festive ambiance with Live DJ Music and Live Band Performance! Dance the Night Away

Greg Mo - Kep West - 042.jpg

Evening Program

6:00 PM ---> Guest Arrival

6:45 PM ---> First Fire Show

7:15 PM ---> Performance by Baby Bargo Live Band

7:20 PM ---> Dinner Buffet

9:00 PM ---> First Lucky Draw

9:15 PM ---> Opening Of The Dance Floor

10:00 PM ---> Second Fire Show

11:00 PM ---> Second Lucky Draw

11:50 PM ---> Champagne & Countdown

12:00 AM ---> Fireworks Show

12:15 AM ---> DJ Music All Night Long


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